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Welcome to Employment Equity!

Martha Cody


Cal Poly Employment Equity Director Martha Cody

Under the general direction of Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity , the Director of Employment Equity is responsible for implementing and maintaining employment policies and procedures that comply with applicable state and federal non-discrimination and affirmative action obligations, laws, and regulations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to expand, strengthen, and support inclusive excellence, respect for differences, multiculturalism, and collaboration within Cal Poly's work and educational communities. In order to accomplish this mission we:

  • Ensure University adherence to EEO laws and regulations  
  • Conduct investigations of alleged CSU or Cal Poly policy violations related to protected class status and/or other Employment Equity issues
  • Facilitate AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Facilitate Conflict of Interest training & filing of the annual Form 700
  • Provide training for Employment Equity Facilitators (EEFs)
  • Publish annual Affirmative Action Plan
  • Provide H1-B Visa assistance to international faculty members

In support of the Cal Poly mission, the Employment Equity staff are committed to promoting a culture that values individual and organizational integrity, civility, and diversity



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